Project X - SaaS Admin Dashboard

The Problem
We need a SaaS admin dashboard for internal use. We tried looking at a few existing admin templates but they are not designed nicely and they lack a good user experience. Most are bloated with features we don't need and are too complex for marketing or sales teams to understand. We need an easy to use SaaS admin dashboard with an option of light and dark mode.

The Solution
SaaS admin dashboards are fun to make! First, we listed all the requirements and create a checklist out of it. Then we started by creating a wireframe and mapped out the customer journey based on their use cases. Post which we created a Design System and mapped out the components. Including grids, spacing, layout, typography, colours, and visual assets. Once the design system was ready to use, our expert designers started creating the admin dashboard screens.


The Process
01. Understanding your idea and brainstorming with team.
02. Gather data, facts, thoughts, opinions, and use cases.
03. Wireframing your SaaS admin dashboard and defining the customer journey.
04. Designing your SaaS admin dashboard in Figma.
05. Turning your SaaS admin dashboard design into a working prototype.

An easy to use SaaS admin dashboard.

Make Your SaaS Dreams Come True!

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